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  • 600g/Pack,36Pack/Box:600g/Pack,36Pack/Box
  • Packaging :Bag
  • Type:Green Tea

Key Features

The smooth, aromatic and premium jasmine tea is also visually appealing it hits dark green leaves and white jasmine flowers. If you are fond of  Jasmine-fragrant tea, this tea definitely a must-try ! 


The forerunner of supplying tea and beverage materials around world.

* Traditional and typical Taiwan bubble milk tea material supplier and technical guidance, corporation with global chain-store companies and OBM manufacture.
* Dedicated to tea industry over 22 years,integrating global marketing and material sourcing, which are our advantages in the competition.
* Well-experienced in tea production and roasting, competitive products of high quality and affordable price. Innovation and diversity in product development.
* Well-known image of professional tea manufacturer, with completed equipment and facility, gains trust of global F&B and chain-store companies, and becomes the materials and OEM supplier.
* Under strict and high standard food safety regulation, producing the second to none flavor and stable quality.
* Provide consultation of beverage design and trend, cater to customers flavors and product position, and assist on product developing and exclude flavor blending.

Bubble tea technical guidance

Professional Guidance and Consult for Running Bubble Tea Shops. Since Taiwan pearl milk tea culture popular around the world, many food businesses make efforts to establish marketing alliance with PEI CHEN in order to expand promotional channels and to gain a competitive advantage. Provide special flavor different from other traditional tea factory,can be customized exclusive flavor, meet your market needs.
*100% Technic transfer
Pei Chen has over 20 years experiences in beverages. We provides well training program, including material knowledge and beverage making courses, which are guided with expert trainers. All the profession skills are under the standard structure; we are the best supplier for you.
*Consulting and Mapping on Menu and Equipment
We provide consultation and map for the position and style of customers' brand, including the shop layout, workstation, and space allocation. Each beverage is cataloged in SOP, and helps customers on cost-control and profit analysis. To create the highest profit at the lowest cost.
*Material supplying and Product developing
We are beverage supplier and also develop versatile products with a professional team. Under the strict and high standard food safety regulation, our products present unique flavors and stable quality,which create diversity and difference in the market.

International Certificate

The quality of the product hygiene inspection, inspection of the factory environment, worker health check product pesticide residue testing, semi-finished products, finished the test, each section of the production process is strict monitored by the quality control,to make products meet customer satisfaction. All products are under liability insurance, in order to provide safety and guarantee.

       * ISO 22000                             * HACCP                                    * ISO 9001 


      * HALAL                             * D&B 


Product Certification

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